About SCM Incorporated

A Leading Converting Equipment Manufacturer

Since its inception over ten years ago, SCM Incorporated has remained true to the values that have made it a success. Providing quality, state of the art equipment at realistic prices, coupled with exceptional after sales service is the philosophy on which SCM was founded. Ease of operation, minimal maintenance and state of the art technology are the primary design intent. As a leading converting equipment company, we offer a full line of standard equipment including Slitter Rewinders, Single Knife Log Slitters, Unwinds, Rewinds, Ancillary Equipment and Accessories. Our modular design approach provides the flexibility to configure a slitting system to satisfy each customer’s unique requirements.


Slitting Machines and More

Engineering services include consulting, custom equipment design, field service and remanufacturing/upgrading of equipment, whether it was manufactured by SCM or another company. Customer satisfaction is a top priority. Our slitting machines are built to the highest industry standards with quality components and are fully tested with the customer’s material prior to shipment. SCM’s reputation for customer support and after sales service is considered to be exceptional. Our objective is to not just sell machines, but rather to establish a long term synergy with our customers.


Don’t take our word for it, let us arrange as visit to see our equipment in operation and speak with one of our customers.