Model FP450 Film Slitter

The SCM Model FP450 is capable of handling many products including packaging film, foils and laminates. The machine features cantilevered rewind shafts with a host of roll unloading devices to minimize downtime between run cycles. Air activated lay-on rolls with programmable air pressure are used to remove entrapped air at high speeds. PLC control and Touch Pad HMI is utilized to automate operations, program rewind tension and provide easy, repeatable machine setup. The machine is available with an integral or separate unwind stand, dancer or load cell unwind tension control systems and a host of optional features and ancillary equipment.




  • Cantilevered rewind shafts (Lift out optional)
  • Rewind diameters to 32”
  • Allen Bradley PLC / Touch screen HMI
  • Differential and locked core rewinding capability
  •  2000 FPM mechanical speed
  • Razor / Shear slitting
  • Pneumatic rewind web clamps
  • Two or three motor drive systems
  • Machine mounted electrical enclosure for easy installation
  • Optional programmable pneumatic lay-on roll system
  • Full timing belt drive
  • High quality polyurethane finish
  • Optional traversing trim winders / automatic edge guide / splice board

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