MC Series Core Cutter

The MC Series Core Cutter is an easy and cost effective way to safely cut cardboard cores to a precision length. The machine features a stationary cutting blade that produces clean dust-free cutting. Cutting is accomplished with a manual handle and features a penetration stop to maximize blade life. An optional Air-Operated blade can be added to further increase production, in either case two handed operation is employed for safety. An adjustable core support assembly holds the core steady during the cutting process. A pivoting core stop is utilized to accurately cut multiple cores of a single size. The MC Series is a heavy- duty machine capable of 24 Hour per day operation, designed for ease of operation and minimum maintenance. Mechanical and Electrical Components used are of the highest quality and made by leading manufacturers. Mechanical and Electrical Drawings are provided along with a complete Bill of Materials. An operating manual is included with the machine outlining basic machine operation, maintenance and safety practices.

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