Slitter Rewinders

Quality Rewinders for All Materials and Applications


Model PSA 12 Slitter Rewinders

Model PSA 12

SCM's Model PSA12 is designed to meet the needs of specialty slitting and salvaging operations. The machine can be equipped with score, shear and/or razor slitting to easily process pressure sensitive tapes and other materials.

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Model PSA 150 Slitter Rewinders

Model PSA 150

SCM's Model PSA150 is the ideal semi-automatic slitter for mid-range production requirements. The machine can be equipped with score, shear or razor slitting to easily process most pressure sensitive film and paper tapes in slit widths down to 9mm.

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Model PSA 600 AT Slitter Rewinders

Model PSA 600

SCM's Model PSA600/AT is truly a “One Size Fits All” Semi-Automatic Slitter. A unique non-turret rewind transfer system can handle rolls from 3” to 24” rewind diameter on the same machine, making this slitter extremely versatile.

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Model GP 500 Slitter Rewinders

Model GP 500

The SCM Model GP500 efficiently converts Pressure Sensitive Tape as well as a variety of other non-adhesive materials in web widths to 62".

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Model FP 450 Film Slitter

Model FP 450

The SCM Model FP450 is capable of handling many products including packaging film, foils and laminates.

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Model PSA 800 Slitter Rewinders

Model PSA 800

SCM's Model PSA800 is made for processing heavy, high tension materials such as laminates, composite and rubberized tire construction fabrics.

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Model LP 650 Slitter Rewinders

Model LP 650

The SCM Model LP650 is designed for high-speed converting of laminates and paper products in web widths to 80”.

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